$107k in Sales on September 19th – JohnKrasinski.com sold for $5,150 – Daily Market Report Sticky

The top sale of the day was JohnKrasinski.com which sold for $5,150 at GoDaddy, he is the actor who played Jim Halpert in The Office. Hopefully it becomes a fan site, otherwise it is a $5k liability putting a UDRP target on the winner’s back.

NameBio recorded 184 sales for a total of $107,324 with an average sale price of $583. Compared to the previous day there was an increase of 14% in the number of sales and the total dollar amount increased by 21%. Continue reading

Pricing Strategies for Domain Names

I was reading an interesting thread over at NamePros about how to best BIN price your domains. Companies like BuyDomains and Mike Mann’s DomainMarket are well-known for pricing their domains ending in 88 rather than using round numbers.

The well-documented psychology behind doing this is that round numbers feel larger, and that by knocking off a few bucks you make the price seem more affordable, which will hopefully lead to more sales. But does it? Continue reading

New Feature: Search Domain Hacks!

Domain hacks are a lucrative niche in domain investing because they are popular among startups. For those who aren’t aware, a domain hack is a domain name that spells a word when you combine the SLD and the TLD, for example Famo.us or Sto.re.

However they have always been very difficult to find comparable sales for, the only option was to individually search ccTLDs that lend themselves nicely to domain hacks and then read through a ton of unrelated sales. Not any more! Continue reading

Two NamesCon 2017 Ticket Winners & A Bonus Prize

This past week we ran a contest with NamePros to give away two tickets to NamesCon 2017 valued at $799 each. Participants played The Domain Game, and each correct answer earned a raffle ticket for the random drawing. We were thrilled with the response, in total we handed out 30,258 raffle tickets and players were served up a total of 55,276 questions during the week; more questions than are usually played in an entire month! Continue reading

New Features: Prefixes, Strict Keyword Matching, and Keyword Combos!

We’ve been hard at work adding some exciting new features to the advanced search on the homepage. I’ll cover each one in detail below, and in case you missed the announcements we also recently added a pattern for Characters (to find CCC.com for example), and added the ability to search for dictionary words in English and Spanish. With that out of the way, on to the new features… Continue reading