Domain Details Now Include Search Volume & CPC Data!

When you click on a domain name in our search results or comps tables the details page now includes search volume, cost per click, estimated monthly spend, and advertiser competition data. This will help you better understand why a domain name sold for the price that it did, and will save you time looking up the data yourself.

The monthly search volume data is global and exact match, so it is strict and doesn’t factor in phrase or broad match. We include CPC and estimated monthly spend for both exact match and phrase match. And finally, the number of advertisers is also exact match.

In case you aren’t familiar with match types, phrase match includes the exact term plus one or more words before or after it. So for example if the term is “car insurance” then phrase match would include data on “car insurance online” or even “Kansas City car insurance”.

Exact match data is useful to know if the term itself is popular, and might speak to how well the domain could perform parked. On the other hand, phrase match might speak to how much potential it could have as a developed site, since you may create individual pages about car insurance in each State and capture all of that long-tail traffic as well.

When looking at the data, pay attention to whether or not we parsed the keywords correctly. The keyword parsing is done automatically, so if it isn’t correct then the underlying search data will not be what you were expecting.

Here is an example of a high-value keyword so you can see the new data:

We don’t have data for every possible term, when you see N/A that means there was no data available for that keyword phrase. Generally this only happens on terms that have very, very low interest, if any, but don’t assume it is zero as it could be anything.

Also be aware that the data is cached. We’ll refresh it periodically, but considering we have half a million sales records we probably won’t do it more than a few times a year, especially since our aim isn’t to provide up-to-the-minute research for search engine marketers. We just want to give you a rough idea of how strong the domain is.

I think that covers everything, but if you have any questions let me know in the comments below. If you aren’t clicking on the domains to view the details you should get in the habit of it, we’ll show you if there are any other historical sales for that domain, the latest screenshot so you can see if it was developed, close comparable sales with a trend chart, and more.


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