Exciting Additions to Pattern Search: Chinese Premium, Repeats, and More

I’m excited to announce that today we rolled out a major upgrade to our pattern search field that gives you a level of control which is borderline crazy. It is all part of keeping up with the latest trends and interests in the domain space, and giving investors the power to quickly and easily find the most relevant comparable sales possible.


The pattern search field has always been really useful. The various options include L for any letter, N for any number, C for any consonant, and V for any vowel. This allowed you to, for example, quickly search for all pronounceable CVCV.com sales simply by selecting .com as the extension and entering CVCV into the pattern field. If you wanted to find a CVCV ending in the letter E, you could enter CVCe since lowercase letters represent the actual letter. You could even use a digit like 9 to represent that exact number, like NNN9 for a 4N ending in 9.

Today we blow that power out of the water.

Chinese Premium

All you hear about lately in the domain space is the impact of Chinese investors on the market. The Chinese have different standards as far as letter quality is concerned, liking pretty much anything except for V and vowels. But finding comparable sales for a Chinese premium domain wasn’t possible on our site… until today. Now you can use the letter P to represent any Chinese Premium letter, so entering PPPP into the pattern field and selecting .com as the extension gives you a list of all Chinese Premium LLLL.com sales.

Click here for an example of the latest Chinese Premium LLLL.com sales.

Western Premium

We didn’t want to leave out the Western investors who generally dislike J, K, Q, U, V, W, X, Y and Z. So now you can use W in the pattern field to represent any Western Premium letter. Enter WWWW as the pattern with .com as the extension to find the latest LLLL.com sales that the Western world would consider quad premium.

Click here for an example of the latest Western Premium LLLL.com sales.

Repeating Letters

This is where it gets really exciting. Repeating letters are hot right now with patterns such as AABB (i.e. GGRR.com), ABBA (i.e. GRRG.com), AAAB (i.e. GGGR.com), and even AAAA (i.e. GGGG.com) fetching a premium.

However, finding comps for a specific repeating pattern was hard. You had to just search for LLLL.com and scan through a lot of unrelated domains. Now you can just type whatever pattern you want using a combination of A and B and find the perfect comparable sales.

Click here to see the latest AABB.com type of sales.
Click here to see the latest ABB.com type of sales.

Repeating Numbers

We didn’t stop there though, repeating numbers are hot too and are often what makes a 5N and 6N (and even higher) domain valuable. You can use D and E to represent various number patterns, like DDDEE for a numeric domain that has the first three numbers the same, and the last two numbers the same but different than the first group.

You can even throw N into the mix, so to find comparable sales to a 5N domain such as 22977.com you would simply enter DDNEE as the pattern with .com as the extension. You can find the perfect comp for any numeric domain now.

Click here to see comps similar to 22977.com.
Click here to see comps similar to 999666.com.

Please note that you can’t use exact numbers or lowercase letters in AB or DE searches.

I hope you find these new features useful!

Michael Sumner is the CEO of NameBio.com, and is the lead developer at State Ventures which owns and operates geo domains such as OceanCity.com and Maryland.com. Michael is also the co-founder of DN Media, a company that has been involved in seven figures worth of domain name transactions.

6 thoughts on “Exciting Additions to Pattern Search: Chinese Premium, Repeats, and More

  • By Mike H - Reply

    Great work! Thanks, I’ll be making use of the new search features for sure.

  • By Hire Domains - Reply

    Thanks for this cool resource !

  • By Bob McGough - Reply

    Unbelievably cool. I’m so impressed and will make good use of this new resource. Thanks a ton.

  • By Honorarni posao - Reply

    Great job Michael! Namebio.com is one of those sites which I have to visit every day!

  • By AJ - Reply

    How do I search for a CHIP 5N/6N domain? Not necessarily of the repeating pattern?

    • By Michael Sumner - Reply

      I didn’t program in Chinese premium for numbers as I think “no zero no four” is an oversimplification (think 12345.com or 88880.com), really “no vowels no v” is too but at least it is a better approximation. If enough people want it I’ll add it, but for now you can just do “NNNNN” or “NNNNNN” as the pattern and ignore ones with zero or four.

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