How to Bulk Delete Backorders at NameJet

Lately I have heard a lot of complaints from domain investors who accidentally won a domain at NameJet through a backorder they had placed years ago and forgot to delete. In these situations NameJet refuses to refund the backorder price even for their large and long-time customers. Unfortunately they don’t have a setting to automatically remove a backorder after an auction ends, and their interface doesn’t allow you to easily delete thousands upon thousands of backorders.

NameBio places in excess of 50,000 backorders each year at NameJet in order to be involved in auctions and track the closing prices. As you can imagine, removing this many back orders would take days of working around the clock but leaving them in place could cost a fortune.

I’m not one for wasting time with repetitive tasks, so I wrote a script to log in to my NameJet account and remove all backorders that are in “Wish List” status. Because I’ve heard so many complaints lately about the same situation, I decided to make the script public. You can find it at the link below:

Using the script is really simple, just replace “USER” at the top with your NameJet user name, and “PASS” with your password. So if your user name is “joedomainer” and your password is “mypass” the lines would look like this:

define("NJ_USER", "joedomainer");
define("NJ_PASS", "mypass");

Then just upload the script to your server and run it. If you have a lot of backorders you may need to contact your hosting company and ask them to change the max_execution_time of PHP to 0 (zero) temporarily to allow the script to run for more than the default of 30 seconds. Alternatively you could always just run the script again after it stops; it will pick up where it left off. You could even set up the script as a CRON job (scheduled task) to run once a day so you never have to remember to run it.

For those of you who don’t have a server, I would suggest you sign up at SourceLair. It is a free service that lets you write and execute code right from your browser window so you can use it to run this script. I recorded a quick video showing you how to use SourceLair to run the script, it literally takes less than a minute to get going. Sorry for the artifacts in the video, I can’t find a free screen recorder that works well with a 4K display.

So there you have it. Now you don’t need to waste hours cleaning up your backorders, or throw away hundreds of dollars on domains you no longer want. Please let me know in the comments if you used the script, and if it worked or you ran into issues. I hope this helps!

2 thoughts on “How to Bulk Delete Backorders at NameJet

  • By Gnanes - Reply

    Thanks for sharing.

  • By RayJ - Reply

    Thanks Michael,

    The script worked great and I really appreciate it. I was having problems simply deleting old back orders just by the normal method. This makes it much easier. Now, just need to setup the script to run weekly. =)

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