Introducing the NameBio API

I’m excited to announce the launch of the NameBio API. Access is included in your Domainer or Business membership at no extra charge, with the former receiving 10k credits per month and the latter receiving 50k credits.

We’re starting off with five endpoints and more will be added later:

The Comps API

This one is perfect for marketplaces or “For Sale” landing pages. You pass in a domain name and some other optional parameters. We’ll return up to 25 of the best comparable sales using our industry-leading comps engine. This is the same engine that powers the comps on our own Domain Details pages.

If your landing page is for a with only premium letters and the vowels repeating, you simply pass that domain to our API and we’ll automatically return other with only premium letters and the vowels repeating. Yes, we get that granular. There is no better way to help justify your asking price than with accurate comparable sales.

The CheckDomain API

This one is pretty straightforward, you pass in a domain and we’ll return any public sales we recorded, both above and below $100. Add this functionality to your in-house tools to have an extra data-point when analyzing lists of domains. Make a browser extension that alerts you when a domain you’re visiting has a public sale. The sky is the limit.

The DailySales API

You tell us a date, and whether or not you want sales below $100 included, and we’ll return all the sales from that date. This is ideal for building up your own local database for research purposes, automated appraisals, and more.

The TopSales API

This one is perfect for a blog sidebar or to add to your “For Sale” landing pages. You specify a start date, how many sales you want in the chart, and optionally limit it by extension. With this endpoint it is easy to generate automated lists like “Top .COM Sales of 2019” or similar. You can even use our popular presets like “All New gTLDs” and “All ccTLDs”.

The KeywordStats API

One of our most popular features is the stats section below the search results table on the homepage. Many users like this data so much that they only look at it and not the raw sales; they use it to analyze large lists of keywords. This endpoint lets you tap into that data, but we’ll give you the Median Price instead of the less-useful Standard Deviation.

Looking Forward

Please let us know what other ideas you have for API functionality; there’s a good chance we’ll build it for you. Thanks for reading, and please check out the API Documentation for more information.

2 thoughts on “Introducing the NameBio API

  • By Sameh - Reply

    Wow! Right now I have my own tools, but I’m definitely going to look into your API. Awesome work!

  • By AboutDN - Reply

    Great work. Best tool for all domain tools sites.

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