NameBio Turns 10 Years Old Today!

NameBio was launched on November 15, 2006 by Justin Allen, those of you who have been around the industry for a while may know him as Spade on the forums. It was launched with just a few thousand sales totaling less than $50 million.

Then in 2011 the site was acquired by legendary domain investor Adam Strong and for years it was run by the talented team behind Whoisology and Domain Agents. They grew NameBio into the leader in tracking domain sales data.

I have always been a huge fan of NameBio. All the way back in 2009 Elliot Silver [for some reason] included me in a series called “Advice From the Most Successful Domain Investors of All Time.” You know what my advice was? To read NameBio daily and make it your number one priority to learn how to appraise domain names before investing a dime.

Little did I know, half a decade later I would be lucky enough to join Adam in the NameBio project. We more than doubled the size of the database, completely re-launched the site, added more powerful search functionality, automated data collection from more venues, increased traffic ten fold, and created a game to train new investors.

We now have nearly 450k sales totaling more than $1.4 billion and help investors in almost every country on the planet make informed decisions about buying and selling domain names.

While I have only been around for a small part of NameBio’s long history, I would like to take this moment to thank everyone who uses our site, provides feedback, sends words of encouragement, and shares data with us. I would like to thank our current sponsors including Flippa,, and who not only help us keep the lights on but also allow us to keep improving the site.

And also a huge thanks to Adam Strong for carrying the torch for so many years, and letting me be a part of what I think is one of the most important resources in the domain industry; it is truly an honor.

Michael Sumner is the CEO of, and is the lead developer at State Ventures which owns and operates geo domains such as and Michael is also the co-founder of DN Media, a company that has been involved in seven figures worth of domain name transactions.

11 thoughts on “NameBio Turns 10 Years Old Today!

  • By Adam Strong - Reply

    Thank you Michael.
    Your vision and dedication has helped take things further and hopefully helped many others in the business. Blessed to have a great partner.

  • By Michael Cyger - Reply

    Congratulations to you and Adam. NameBio is one of the most important resources in our industry, and you do a great job keeping it available, fresh and up-to-date. The improvements you’ve made over the past year alone are significant. Keep up the great work!

  • By Todd Fisher - Reply

    Adam and Michael, As a newcomer to the industry, has been a great tool to improve my valuation of domains quickly. This is a resource I use daily. I am so grateful that you share it with others like me! Blessings, Dr. Todd

  • By Francois Carrillo - Reply

    Congratulations on the milestone guys!
    Personally, I rarely check history price of a domain, but when I do I come here.

  • By Howie - Reply

    Sorry guys, my son’s 10th birthday eclipsed your fine 10th anniversary on the 15th this month 😉 (Also the date of xbox’s generation – 15 yrs)

    You folks are awesome, thanks for all the data. Best wishes.

  • By Makis - Reply

    I always liked, its simple to use and it contains a lot of data.

  • By Steve Baik - Reply

    NameBio is the THE place to go to for domain sales prices and comparables.

    Thank you for this FREE, yet valuable tool!

  • By Julio Maysonet - Reply

    Congrats everyone at namebio.

    Namebio has always been that great place for me to know what names have been sold for to match them with similar names of mine to determine a price for sale.

  • By Ram - Reply

    Thank you for your service to domain industry.

  • By DN Invest - Reply

    Congrats guys! NameBio is an essential tool for many purposes and one of the best tools in the industry. You are helping us to watch the market even when we don’t have time for detailed tracking. Great tool, and very simply to navigate even on a mobile.

  • By Adam Strong - Reply

    Thanks to you all for the kind words ! Appreciate the feedback.

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