New Features: Prefixes, Strict Keyword Matching, and Keyword Combos!

We’ve been hard at work adding some exciting new features to the advanced search on the homepage. I’ll cover each one in detail below, and in case you missed the announcements we also recently added a pattern for Characters (to find for example), and added the ability to search for dictionary words in English and Spanish. With that out of the way, on to the new features…


A popular category of domain names is ones with prefixes, for example or Searching for these was a nightmare, you had to put “i” as the keyword and “At the Start” as the placement, and then sift through a ton of noise. There were unrelated short domains, longer domains that just happened to start with the letter “i”, and more.

Now you can put the keyword as “i” (or whatever you want) and select the placement “As a Prefix”. What this will do is find domains that start with that keyword, but the remainder of the SLD is also an English word.

It will exclude sales where the entire SLD is a word. For example searching “e” as a prefix will not return even though “vent” is a word, because the value most likely was as not as This further reduces noise.

Here is an example search of the highest sales of all time:

Strict Matching Parsed Keywords

Another difficulty users sometimes ran into when using placements like “At the Start” or “At the End” was when their desired keyword was also part of a longer word. It isn’t the best example, but take “prep” as the keyword. If you search for that “At the Start” you’ll get a lot of unrelated sales starting with “prepaid” or “prepare” or a host of other words.

Now you can add brackets to the keyword field. Continuing with the same example you could search “[prep]” (without quotes) with placement “At the Start” and it will only return results where the first parsed keyword was exactly “prep”. This means less noise, and you find the best comps as fast as possible.

Unlike a regular keyword search, you can also use spaces within the brackets, so a search for “[car insurance]” would be valid. For regular keyword searches we strip out the spaces because they are checked against the raw SLD which can’t contain spaces.

Here’s an example of a search for “prep” at the start, you’ll notice lots of noise:

Here’s an example of the new search with “[prep]”, much cleaner results:

Keyword parsing isn’t a perfect science, so I would recommend always trying your search first without brackets, and if there is too much noise then try it again with brackets.

Keyword Combos

This is one of my favorite recent additions, although the use case is pretty limited. I was recently researching comps for a friend of mine who had a great three-word phrase in .com, similar to the type that Berkens sells for a fortune. I wanted to find other strong three-word phrases… but I couldn’t search based on number of words from our homepage.

Well, now you can! Select the main category of Dictionary and you’ll notice three new subcategories of Word Combo (x2, x3, and x4). If you select x3 your results will only be sales that contained three words, making it more likely that you’ll find phrases.

Here’s an example search of the highest 3-Word sales of all time:

Top Sales Charts

You’ll notice in our header navigation there is now a link to Top Sales, this shows the 100 highest sales of all time. When you visit that page, in the right sidebar you’ll see a list of years, so you can go back through the archives and see the Top 100 sales of each year we have data for.

That’s about it for now, I hope you like these new additions! If you have any questions or notice any problems please let me know in the comments, or contact us directly.

On an unrelated note The Domain Game is very close to serving up its 500,000th question!

Michael Sumner is the CEO of, and is the lead developer at State Ventures which owns and operates geo domains such as and Michael is also the co-founder of DN Media, a company that has been involved in seven figures worth of domain name transactions.

2 thoughts on “New Features: Prefixes, Strict Keyword Matching, and Keyword Combos!

  • By Michael Cyger - Reply

    I love these new search features. Well done, Michael and team!

  • By Sameh - Reply

    Awesome additions. Keep up the great work!

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