Recent Changes and Improvements to NameBio

We made several changes and improvements to the site over the past few months. None of them really warranted a dedicated announcement post, but they’re starting to pile up and I want to make sure the information gets out there. Below are some of the things we’ve been working on that we are able to announce.

Venue Changes

Dynadot Auctions

In June Uniregistry began auctioning their expired inventory on Dynadot’s marketplace. We heard on NamePros and social media that these auctions are being cancelled at an unusually high rate, due to the current owner renewing or transferring out. This resulted in NameBio listing quite a few auction results that didn’t actually complete. Much more than the usual 1-2% that most marketplaces experience.

We reached out to Barry Coughlan at Dynadot and he was kind enough to help out. In the interim they were able to provide us with a feed of only Dynadot auctions. That allows us to easily exclude Uniregistry and any other registrar partners they may have. We are using that feed starting today, so while there will be less data it will be much more accurate.

They may also provide us with a feed of auctions that completed successfully. This would allow us to include Uniregistry results again. It would also be the first time in the history of NameBio that a venue provided a complete list of verified transactions, not just results $2k+. I hope they are able to push that through.

Flippa Auctions

In early 2017 Flippa stopped providing us with lists of cancelled auctions to remove from the database. Now there is software in place that circles back 30 days after an auction ends. It checks to make sure the auction completed successfully, and if not the auction is automatically removed. We ran this software going back to March of 2018 and removed 418 failed auctions, which was a whopping 9.8%. Again, most mainstream venues have a 1-2% non-completion rate. The data will be much cleaner moving forward.


In March, Valerie reached out asking us to track the .AI registry’s expired auctions. We added tracking for this venue the same day she requested it. If you’re wondering why there is so much more .ai data than there used to be, this is why. Thanks Valerie!

Search Changes

Cannabis Category

Also in March, John spent quite a bit of time designing a Cannabis category for us. You can find it as a subcategory under the “Niche” main category, along with others like Crypto Domains and Domain Hacks. It combines something like 100 different keyword/position searches into a single search. Cannabis domains are trending, and now you can easily follow that market. Thanks John!

Negative Keyword Filter

NamePros user Golan came up with this great idea. It allows you to search for a keyword, but at the same time exclude another keyword. For example you may want to search for sales containing “chain” but not have the results be full of blockchain domains. Now you can search “chain!block” to accomplish that. Here is a post explaining how it works in more detail. Thanks Golan!

Price Ranges

This is an unfortunate one, but it still needs to be discussed. The price range filter was one of the most abused fields on the site. Some users would put ranges like 100-110, 111-120, 121-130 and so on to get around the 100 results limit (or 150 if you registered for free). We had software monitoring for this and banning users who abused it too much.

Someone made a big stink about getting banned for this, even though I removed the ban when he asked me to review it. He brought up a fair point though; we should either warn the user to stop doing it or not allow it in the first place, rather than banning. So now free users can’t search with price ranges smaller than $5,000 to prevent this kind of abuse.

Moving Forward

If you have any ideas for new features, or venues you would like us to track, let me know in the comments or send me an email. We have a pretty long wish list of features we’d like to add, but I’m always looking for more ideas. Even if we already have it on our list your feedback will help us prioritize it.

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