Save 50% With Annual Memberships & Other Changes

Based on your feedback we decided to offer an annual plan with a huge discount. This brings the effective monthly rates for the three tiers down to $5, $12, or $50 per month when billed annually. This will make the new power user tools and perks available to a broader range of domain investors. We also made a few other changes based on your feedback.

I already signed up for monthly but I want the discount…

Not a problem, just visit your My Account page and make the switch. The system will automatically calculate your unused time on the monthly plan down to the second, pro-rate it, and credit that amount towards your annual payment. You can even change your tier while you are at it. The billing cycle resets when you make the switch.

Changes to Ad-Free

Originally the Collector tier didn’t have banner ads removed, but now all tiers include this benefit. Also this perk now removes the featured listings top bar; originally it only applied to banner ads. Now all paying members get a less distracting experience while doing their research. None of this applies to our blog though, which is separate from the main site.

A Change to Bulk Search

When we launched the Bulk Search tool it only allowed you to enter domain names with the extensions. Now you can enter in a list of keywords too, and it will check for that exact-match SLD across all TLDs at the same time. Even though the keyword searches provide a lot more results, each keyword entered still only uses one Bulk Search credit.

Some Common Questions We’re Seeing

Why is the pricing so high? I can’t afford that.

We feel that the new tools, increased quotas, and other perks more than justify the price even for monthly subscribers. They also open us up to a great deal of potential abuse in the form of data harvesting. So if a user joins for just a few months to take advantage of the quotas and collect a lot of data, we wanted it to still be worth it to us.

With the annual plans we know the user will be sticking around for a while, so we don’t have to worry about this as much and we can get more aggressive with the pricing.

I didn’t launch with annual memberships because it complicates the billing and switching of tiers. I also underestimated how many users are willing to pay for a year up front. That was my mistake, but thankfully it is now fixed.

Let me be clear on one thing though, we did not create the memberships to monetize casual users. It is not our intention for everyone to have a NameBio membership. We created them because a lot of users asked for more powerful tools and large increases to search quotas, but we couldn’t make them available for free to anonymous users. The only option was to build memberships around them or not create them at all.

Why the big jump between Domainer and Business pricing?

Because there is a big jump in perks too. The Domainer tier is basically limited to going 25 pages deep on any search when viewing 100 results per page, but the Business tier can literally go to page 6,ooo+. With a Domainer membership it takes approximately 18 years to export the entire database due to how many new sales are added each month. The Business tier could effectively export the whole database in about 15 months.

That is a huge difference and it has to be reflected in the pricing. The Business tier is for those users whose primary source of income is domain investing, we had to have a relatively unlimited plan for them. For individual investors we have the Collector and Domainer tiers, and you can pretend that the Business tier doesn’t exist.

Thanks for the feedback, please keep it coming!


One thought on “Save 50% With Annual Memberships & Other Changes

  • By Leo Golan - Reply

    Great development. I will try with the Annual plan once i have some payments in. Thanks Michael.

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