Announcing Addition of Stats Section

We are pleased to announce the addition of the Stats section to our home page. It includes total sales, dollar volume, average price, median price, and high/low price for your search results. You can also find it below the comparable sales on the Domain Details pages.

Saving Time

Now you don’t have to copy and paste the results into Excel to calculate important metrics like dollar volume, average, and median. You don’t have to sort by price, both descending and ascending, to find the high and low sale price respectively. It is all there at a glance.

Being Better Informed

The numbers are calculated from all of the search results, not just the 100 that are returned. This means you get a better “big picture” view of the data that you couldn’t have gotten otherwise; at least not easily. The inclusion of the median price is important because the average can be thrown off wildly by outlier and end-user sales.

Ever wanted to know the median price of domains over the past year? Now you can find it in just a few seconds. This type of information is useful to have in your back pocket when negotiating purchases or sales, or while bidding in auctions.

You could dig even deeper and compare the median price of at NameJet, GoDaddy, and Flippa using the Venue filter. This makes deciding which marketplace to auction your domain name at quick and easy.

What Took You So Long?

I know, I know… we should have had this data easily accessible a long time ago. The issue was that the query when using categories, such as Games >> Gambling, was poorly designed and resource-intensive.

That, combined with how inefficient the median calculation is in our database engine, made having both category search and median calculation at the same time impractical.

We optimized the way that the category data is structured leading to significantly faster searching by category. Without that bottleneck we were free to add in the median data. Sorry it took so long to include such important stats.

In Other News

In case you missed the announcement, we added a Crypto Domains category. I won’t go into too much detail here, but the TLDR is that you can now easily search for all crytocurrency-related domain sales using the new Crypto Domains subcategory found under Other. You can further filter the results by extension, venue, or whatever you want.

I hope you find these new additions useful!

2 thoughts on “Announcing Addition of Stats Section

  • By Platey - Reply

    As emoji domains are starting to become common place etc

    Can you add a special emoji sales prices achieved section please that lists the emoji as – xn number and as visual emoji and price?

    Cheers as this will help those that buy and sell emoji website addresses to price accurately their emoji domain names

    • By Michael Sumner - Reply

      That’s on my radar and we have gotten a few requests for it. I haven’t made it a priority mostly because there is no simple way to distinguish between an emoji domain and a regular IDN, and then there are pictographs too.

      So I’d basically have to come up with a list of all possible emoji and pictographs, convert them to punycode, and then check every xn-- sale against that list. Considering the extremely low volume of sales relative to other categories, and how few extensions support them, and how few investors are interested in them, it doesn’t seem worth the trouble at the moment.

      It’s high up on the list of requested features by number of requests though, so I’ll probably get to it at some point this year. Thanks for the suggestion.

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