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The Domain Game

Train your gut instincts on domain name values by playing The Domain Game by We'll show you real-life domain name sales, including the dates and venues where the sales took place, and you guess the price range for each sale.

NameBio is a searchable database of more than $1.4 billion in historic domain name sales. Questions are pulled randomly from our records, so there are hundreds of thousands of potential questions spanning more than a decade of public domain sales. We add hundreds of new sales each day so the fun never stops.

This game will help you become a better domain name investor, and is more fun than reading sales reports. See if you can top the leader board or achieve the longest streak of correct answers!

Registering for an account within the app allows you to maintain your score across devices, have your name on the leader board instead of "Guest", and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the skill rating calculated?

The skill rating is the average number of points the player scored per 100 questions. The maximum possible skill rating is 200 because a correct answer is +2 points. It is not a percentage of correct answers, but it is a great measure of how accurate a player is, both in terms of answering correctly and not being very far off when he or she is wrong.

How does the point system work?

You gain two points for a correct answer. For an incorrect answer, the number of points you lose depends on how wrong you were. If you were off by one order of magnitude (i.e. answering $xxx for an $x,xxx sale) you lose two points. For being two orders of magnitude off (i.e. answering $xxx for an $xx,xxx sale) you lose four points. Answers that are three orders of magnitude off (i.e. answering $xxx for an $xxx,xxx sale) lose ten points.

Why am I seeing questions repeated?

The current method of selecting questions is to first randomly pick a price range (three, four, five, or six figures), and then randomly pick a sale within that price range. This gives an even chance of the answer being in any of the price ranges. This is done because our database does not contain an even distribution of sales. As you might expect we have many more three or four figure sales than five or six figure sales. To avoid running out of questions in the higher price ranges, we allow a sale to show up more than once. This results in duplicate questions, but you'll probably only notice it in the higher price ranges. We may change this in the future.

I've been playing as a guest but I would like to register. Will I keep my score?

Yes, when you register it takes over the guest account you were playing with, and your score and stats will move to the new account. Then we create a new guest account for you in case you want to log out and play anonymously again, this account will start from scratch though.

How do I get my picture on the leader board?

We use Gravatars for the profile picture, which is a way to link your email address to your photo. Just visit and create one for the email address that you used when you registered for the game. Guests cannot have their pictures or names on the leader board.