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Pricing Strategies for Domain Names

I was reading an interesting thread over at NamePros about how to best BIN price your domains. Companies like BuyDomains and Mike Mann’s DomainMarket are well-known for pricing their domains ending in 88 rather than using round numbers.

The well-documented psychology behind doing this is that round numbers feel larger, and that by knocking off a few bucks you make the price seem more affordable, which will hopefully lead to more sales. But does it? Continue reading

Top 100 Keywords for Geo+Keyword Domains

Geo+Keyword domains are a popular category to invest in, for example We ran a list of the top 5,000 US cities by population to determine which keywords are the best to append to a city name. We identified thousands of sales in the .com extension as part of this analysis. Continue reading

Alexa Top 20k Historical Domain Sales

I was playing The Domain Game and saw a lot of household names that have sold in the past including Bing, AliExpress, BBC, KickStarter, MTV, TheNextWeb, DJI, Teamwork, OshKosh, and more. That inspired me to check the Alexa Top 1M list against our database to see how many have sold publicly. Below are the results with an Alexa rank of 20k and above, there are 387 domains included. Continue reading

The .TOP Registry Reports Nearly $2M in Sales to NameBio

Mason Zhang, the Marketing Manager at the .TOP Registry, was kind enough to share with NameBio more than 600 sales totaling nearly $2 million. The data comes from premium sales through the registrar channel, auction events, and more.

The .TOP extension entered general availability on November 18, 2014 and since then it has racked up an impressive 1.6 million registrations according to nTLD Stats, making it the second most popular new gTLD after .XYZ with more than a 10% share of all new gTLD registrations. The extension is a favorite among Chinese investors and we are excited to bring you an exclusive look at this data. Continue reading

Top New gTLDs By Aftermarket Sales

We are in the early days of the new gTLDs and the jury is still out, but with nearly a million dollars in publicly reported sales in the new extensions we thought it was time to rank them by how well each performs in the aftermarket. Below are the 80 new gTLDs that have publicly reported sales, along with information including how many sales were in our database, the total dollar amount, and the average sale price. Continue reading

An Interesting Look at Venue Arbitrage

The core principle of domain investing is taking advantage of market inefficiency. Most end users aren’t aware of the aftermarket and don’t have an interest in going through drop lists and forum posts, so there is an opportunity to buy at wholesale prices and sell at retail prices. But some savvy investors are going a step further and taking advantage of inefficiencies between wholesale venues to turn a profit. Continue reading

What is a First Name Domain Worth

I originally published this article almost two years ago on DN Media and I thought it was time for an update. I checked for new first name domain sales since the article was first written and discovered 27 additions including,,, and We all know first name domains are hot sellers, but how much are they really worth? Continue reading

The Best Day for Your Domain Name Auction to Close On

In this article we examine more than 175,000 domain name auction results to reveal the best day of the week for your auction to close on. In much the same way that email marketers consider the best day of the week to optimize for opens, the day your auction ends on can have a dramatic impact on the closing price. People are busy on Mondays catching up on emails from the weekend, and on Friday they are thinking about anything but work. So which day of the week is the best for your auction to close on? Let’s jump in and find out. Continue reading