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Introducing the NameBio API

I’m excited to announce the launch of the NameBio API. Access is included in your Domainer or Business membership at no extra charge, with the former receiving 10k credits per month and the latter receiving 50k credits.

We’re starting off with five endpoints and more will be added later: Continue reading

Recent Changes and Improvements to NameBio

We made several changes and improvements to the site over the past few months. None of them really warranted a dedicated announcement post, but they’re starting to pile up and I want to make sure the information gets out there. Below are some of the things we’ve been working on that we are able to announce. Continue reading

Save 50% With Annual Memberships & Other Changes

Based on your feedback we decided to offer an annual plan with a huge discount. This brings the effective monthly rates for the three tiers down to $5, $12, or $50 per month when billed annually. This will make the new power user tools and perks available to a broader range of domain investors. We also made a few other changes based on your feedback. Continue reading

New Year, New NameBio – Do More With Unlimited Data Access & Powerful Tools!

We took the five most frequent requests from our users and made them a reality, and we also added in other perks like discounts of up to 50% on featured listings and removing banner ads. I’m excited to announce the new NameBio Memberships for Collectors, Domainers, and Businesses! Let’s jump in and see what’s new: Continue reading

Announcing Addition of Stats Section

We are pleased to announce the addition of the Stats section to our home page. It includes total sales, dollar volume, average price, median price, and high/low price for your search results. You can also find it below the comparable sales on the Domain Details pages. Continue reading

Full List of $17.2 Million in Sales at Uniregistry Released!

Earlier today published a press release from Uniregistry outlining their $29 million in sales year to date. Jeff Gabriel, the VP of sales at Uniregistry was kind enough to share the list of sales with me like he did last year, although almost $12 million in sales could not be disclosed. Continue reading

Domain Details Now Include Search Volume & CPC Data!

When you click on a domain name in our search results or comps tables the details page now includes search volume, cost per click, estimated monthly spend, and advertiser competition data. This will help you better understand why a domain name sold for the price that it did, and will save you time looking up the data yourself. Continue reading

New Feature: Search Domain Hacks!

Domain hacks are a lucrative niche in domain investing because they are popular among startups. For those who aren’t aware, a domain hack is a domain name that spells a word when you combine the SLD and the TLD, for example or

However they have always been very difficult to find comparable sales for, the only option was to individually search ccTLDs that lend themselves nicely to domain hacks and then read through a ton of unrelated sales. Not any more! Continue reading

Two NamesCon 2017 Ticket Winners & A Bonus Prize

This past week we ran a contest with NamePros to give away two tickets to NamesCon 2017 valued at $799 each. Participants played The Domain Game, and each correct answer earned a raffle ticket for the random drawing. We were thrilled with the response, in total we handed out 30,258 raffle tickets and players were served up a total of 55,276 questions during the week; more questions than are usually played in an entire month! Continue reading

NamePros is giving away two FREE tickets to NamesCon 2017!

NameBio is excited to join forces with NamePros to give away two tickets to NamesCon, the premier domain industry conference, valued at $799 each. The event is being held from January 22-25 at the Tropicana in Las Vegas and is a great opportunity to learn and network with the best and brightest in the industry. Continue reading