Should You Charge a Bulk Premium?

Offering a bulk discount when selling a portfolio of domain names is a common practice, the idea being that it is quicker and easier for the seller to move the domains in a single transaction so the buyer is enticed with a lower price. However, I think there are times when charging a premium for a bulk deal actually makes sense, meaning that each domain earns more than it would have sold for individually. Continue reading


How to Bulk Delete Backorders at NameJet

Lately I have heard a lot of complaints from domain investors who accidentally won a domain at NameJet through a backorder they had placed years ago and forgot to delete. In these situations NameJet refuses to refund the backorder price even for their large and long-time customers. Unfortunately they don’t have a setting to automatically remove a backorder after an auction ends, and their interface doesn’t allow you to easily delete thousands upon thousands of backorders. Continue reading


Top New gTLDs By Aftermarket Sales

We are in the early days of the new gTLDs and the jury is still out, but with nearly a million dollars in publicly reported sales in the new extensions we thought it was time to rank them by how well each performs in the aftermarket. Below are the 80 new gTLDs that have publicly reported sales, along with information including how many sales were in our database, the total dollar amount, and the average sale price. Continue reading