Pattern Search Update: Easily Find #Character Domains

A popular category of short domains is a mix of letters and numbers such as,, or Now you can easily find these categories of short domains using the new pattern wildcard “O” (without quotes).

A Bit of Background

The domain investing vocabulary can be a bit confusing at times. We use the phrase CVCV to refer to a consonant – vowel – consonant – vowel pattern, for example, so in this case C means a Consonant.

However, we also use CCC to refer to a three-character domain, for example In this case C means any Character (letter or number), but not all letters and not all numbers, since those would be represented by LLL and NNN respectively.

In our pattern search we have C representing a consonant, but we didn’t have a wildcard to allow you to search for CCC domains. Of course you could still find them, but you had to search each of the six permutations: LNN, NNL, LLN, NLL, LNL, and NLN.

We didn’t consider this to be a problem since each of those permutations is almost a category in itself. For example LNN and NNL are the top tier and generally sell for $2k to $3k for the better quality ones. Then there is the middle tier which is LLN and NLL, these generally sell for $1k to $1.5k at the higher end. And finally the bottom of the barrel which is LNL and NLN which generally sell for just a few hundred dollars.

If you’re trying to find comparable sales for a specific domain, let’s stick with the example since it sold recently, it wouldn’t help you at all to see recent LNL sales because they simply aren’t comparable. You would search LNN (and maybe NNL) and have your perfect comps quickly and easily.

The People Have Spoken

Over the past year and a half since we completely re-launched the site, we’ve gotten a lot of questions about how to search for CCC domains. Many of the users just wanted to track this category in general and weren’t looking for comparable sales for a specific sub-category like LNN. Having to tell them to search six different permutations was embarrassing.

Enough people have wanted to do this that we finally made it possible, again by using the letter O as the wildcard. Here are some quick links:

2 Character .com:
3 Character .com:
4 Character .com:

You could also combine it with the keyword field to find any CCC with an 8 anywhere in it:

Or mix it with lowercase letters in the pattern field, for example to find any CCC starting with the letter “a” you would use the pattern aOO:

There are lots of creative ways you can use the advanced search to get really granular and precise. I hope you like this new addition!

An Unrelated Note

We updated the page for The Domain Game so the leaderboard now shows everyone who has a score above zero rather than just showing the Top 10 players.

You can now paginate through and see how hundreds of players are doing, how far away you are from leveling up, and what your skill rating is since it isn’t shown in the app.

We also added a counter showing how many questions have been played since we launched the game on April 25th of this year, it is more than 321,000 as of this posting.

The game will be coming to Android early next month so stay tuned!

Michael Sumner is the CEO of, and is the lead developer at State Ventures which owns and operates geo domains such as and Michael is also the co-founder of DN Media, a company that has been involved in seven figures worth of domain name transactions.

One thought on “Pattern Search Update: Easily Find #Character Domains

  • By halille - Reply

    Great feature,
    i own a good chunk of these 3chars mixed, that’s the one i can afford right now

    your tool is a real goldmine

    i just played with it and found 2 good buy prospect

    fantastic work

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