Road to 1 Million Contest Winners Announced!

The Road to 1 Million giveaway is over and the winners have been chosen. The contest saw 150,772 questions played and 81,692 tickets earned, and The Domain Game now has more than 1.1 million questions played! Thanks to everyone who participated!

The Winners

  1. allez papa – $500 Cash from NameBio
  2. Ilija VuckovicDNAcademy Pro Tuition
  3. bsspektorEfty Annual Growth Membership
  4. Tony AdamsNamePros Business Account
  5. Robert HawkesEfty Annual Growth Membership
  6. Adam MullerNamePros Business Account
  7. Josh Schoen$100 Payoneer Escrow Credit
  8. ToddMERGE! Conference VIP Experience
  9. a hureroNamePros Business Account
  10. Onur Kocayigit$100 Payoneer Escrow Credit
  11. Praveen$100 Payoneer Escrow Credit

Rather than going down the prize list in order of retail value, we asked each winner to rank the prizes in the order that he or she wants them in an effort to maximize happiness. It worked out nicely because most people won a prize that was in their top two rankings, and only one person got a prize that was out of his top three rankings.

I would like to give another huge thanks to our sponsors: MERGE!, NamePros, DNAcademy, Payoneer Escrow, and Efty. They came together at a moment’s notice to provide you with a great pool of prizes. Please check them out and show your support; they are all great companies. And also thanks to NamePros Marketplace, whose media partnership was instrumental in getting the word out about the contest and making it such a success.

Michael Sumner is the CEO of, and is the lead developer at State Ventures which owns and operates geo domains such as and Michael is also the co-founder of DN Media, a company that has been involved in seven figures worth of domain name transactions.

5 thoughts on “Road to 1 Million Contest Winners Announced!

  • By Allez Papa - Reply

    Thank you Michael and Namebio for a great contest. The app was dynamite. I had a blast using it.

    • By Michael Sumner - Reply

      Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed playing it. Congrats on your victory, I hope you get some nice domains with that $500 and flip them for thousands 🙂

  • By Matthew Schultz - Reply

    Thanks again for the contest! Can’t win them all! Maybe next time.

  • By Robert Hawkes - Reply

    Thank you so much for a great game and a great contest! I really liked the method you used to optimize which winner got which prize, Michael. Thanks also to all the sponsors who provided prizes. I look forward to trying out Efty and using it to take my domain investing to a higher level! Thanks again. -Robert

  • By Dr. Todd - Reply

    Thanks Michael! The Merge Conference looks like an amazing conference.

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