The .TOP Registry Reports Nearly $2M in Sales to NameBio

Mason Zhang, the Marketing Manager at the .TOP Registry, was kind enough to share with NameBio more than 600 sales totaling nearly $2 million. The data comes from premium sales through the registrar channel, auction events, and more.

The .TOP extension entered general availability on November 18, 2014 and since then it has racked up an impressive 1.6 million registrations according to nTLD Stats, making it the second most popular new gTLD after .XYZ with more than a 10% share of all new gTLD registrations. The extension is a favorite among Chinese investors and we are excited to bring you an exclusive look at this data.

Can’t wait? Click here to jump to a search of the .TOP extension.

Ok, now that you’ve gotten that out of your system, let’s dive into the data. Our database now contains 643 sales in .TOP for a total of $1,949,445 with an average sale price of $3,032. The highest reported .TOP sale as of this posting was A.TOP which went for $96,670 on December 31st, 2014.

Below you’ll find summary data of some popular investment categories. Please note that many of these sales are the best of the best in their category, so you should look at the average as more of an upper bound.

For example many of the sales were dictionary words like car, top, buy, app, or relevant acronyms like VIP, CTO, IoT, DNS or even great patterns like ABC. So don’t expect to sell a random CHIP for anywhere near the average, and be careful when you’re buying.

Category Number Total Average
L.TOP 5 $429,683 $85,937
N.TOP 4 $333,981 $83,495
LL.TOP 5 $111,356 $22,271
NN.TOP 7 $195,990 $27,999
LLL.TOP 26 $190,512 $7,327
NNN.TOP 26 $174,596 $6,715
NNNN.TOP 516 $170,569 $331

Question for our readers:

Have you acquired any .TOP domains, and if so, what categories are you investing in? Feel free to mention specific acquisitions, even if you don’t want to share the price.

2 thoughts on “The .TOP Registry Reports Nearly $2M in Sales to NameBio

  • By Michael Ehrhardt - Reply

    名誉[míng yù]

    基本释义 详细解释



    What does the name “Mingyu” mean?

    M – is for mighty, your inner strength.
    I – is for ideas, that you bring to life.
    N – is for neatness, your orderly way.
    G – is for goal, your eye on the future.
    Y – is for yearn, your innermost desires.
    U – i s for unite, you bring people together.

    Who is Chen Mingyu you ask ?

    the richiest Kid in the world
    the daughter of Mark Zuckerberg & Priscilla Chan

  • By - Reply

    Thank you for this publication.
    The TLD .top will be the top choice.

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