Two NamesCon 2017 Ticket Winners & A Bonus Prize

This past week we ran a contest with NamePros to give away two tickets to NamesCon 2017 valued at $799 each. Participants played The Domain Game, and each correct answer earned a raffle ticket for the random drawing. We were thrilled with the response, in total we handed out 30,258 raffle tickets and players were served up a total of 55,276 questions during the week; more questions than are usually played in an entire month!

As I was sitting down to draw the winners yesterday morning Terri from NamesCon reached out and generously kicked in an extra ticket for the contest, so instead of two winners we now have three to announce! It took longer than I expected to contact the winners and make sure they were able to attend, sorry to leave everyone hanging.

The Winners

The first winner is Robert Hascall who earned 4,176 raffle tickets during the week and was the second largest ticket holder in the contest. With so many tickets he had pretty good odds of winning, but the ticket that got him the prize came from his correct answer for which sold for $164,100 at Uniregistry in February of 2015. Robert is currently ranked #29 on the leaderboard with 950 points, a longest streak of 21 correct answers in a row, and a skill score of 13.

The second winner is Yaffa whose winning ticket came from correctly answering which sold for $85,000 in 2006 at Sedo. Yaffa accumulated 804 tickets during the week and was the 9th largest ticket holder. Yaffa showed the game to her family over the holidays to help them understand the domain business, and even let her little nephew “help” her play 🙂

And the winner of the bonus ticket is Aline who stacked up 1,054 tickets during the week and was the 7th largest ticket holder. Aline’s winning ticket came from correctly answering which sold for a whopping $186,000 in private back in 2004, only 60% of people get this question right even after multiple attempts.


Thank you to everyone who participated in this contest by playing the game! We look forward to seeing the winners at NamesCon in a couple of weeks, and if you didn’t win we hope you still decide to attend this world-class event in Las Vegas. Thanks to NamePros for holding this contest with us, and thanks to NamesCon for providing a bonus ticket.

Happy New Year! Have fun tonight and stay safe. See you in 2017.

2 thoughts on “Two NamesCon 2017 Ticket Winners & A Bonus Prize

  • By Aline - Reply

    Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. I’ve never been to Las Vegas, never been to a con of any kind & now I get to do both! I’m looking forward to seeing everyone.

  • By Join Domains - Reply

    Sounds like a good prize to win!

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